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The Dwelling Light is the musical project of Dylan Blackman, a producer, musician and music educator from North Coast of NSW, Australia. 

Hi, My name is Dylan, I create tunes that are mostly downtempo, chill but melodic electronic music with hints of jazz, hip hop and soul. 

My musical influences are:

Tom Misch



Matt Quentin

Check out my latest tunes:


My name is Dylan, I create music under the moniker of The Dwelling Light. I am a producer from Byron Bay. I make downtempo instrumental electronic music with overtones of hip hop and subtle hints of jazz. 

I make music best suited for morning routines, work-time flow, and dinner wines with friends that lead to a little boogie afterwards.

I am inspired by the world around me, whether floating on crystal blue water, duck diving waves with mates, bush walking along streams to breath taking waterfall infested valleys or sitting at home with a good book. I am an avid reader and curious student of philosophy, psychology, and entrepreneurship.

I am influenced by artists such as; 

  1. Bonobo

  2. Hermitude

  3. FKJ

  4. Thrupence

  5. Koresma

  6. Catching Flies

  7. Matt Quentin

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You can also check out my regularly updated playlist for all that inspires me musically.

I also love heavy metal.

Fun Fact: I used to be the lead singer in a metalcore band a while ago. 

I still absolutely love getting down to a good mix of heavy jams. Usually when I’m working out. You can check out the heavy I’ve been listening by checking out my exercise mix.

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Sunday Brunch

Flipping a sample is kind of like a creating a Disney remake, or a Marvel movie. It’s built on something that was already great and made it just that little bit better. Here’s something that was good to begin with, and is just that little bit better now.  Best served with Sunday Brunch




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