I believe Why is one of the most powerful questions you can ask.

I believe all humans try to answer the question of why they are here.

Some humans get answers. I feel a fair few answer with ‘to make the world a better place than it was when I got here’. Definitions of better can be very broad. Some people’s idea of better is another’s idea of hell. That’s a separate issue.

I definitely want to leave the world a better place than it was when I came into it.


It’s my moral duty as a human to continue the species, but not just continue it, but do what I can so the species thrives and reaches its full potential, in balance with the environment it exists in.

For me, that involves creating and facilitating change. Creating meaningful change occurs when I can help change the way people feel. For me, I am best at doing this through music and education.

‘Why do I believe that?’

Musicians and music related services are in the feelings industry. Music changes the way people feel and changing how people feel has a ripple effect.

‘But why…?’

The question sometimes remains unanswered in its full capacity, even when it feels like it’s been answered.

Here’s why I keep asking why…

The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman talks about a concept called ‘five fold Why’. It’s about testing assumptions, beliefs and values by asking ‘why’ five times to a belief or value you hold. Like a curious child, Kaufman urges his readers to go deep into the core of a value.

“Why do you want to start a business?”

“To make money?”

“Why do you want to make money?”

“To earn enough not have a job”

“Why don’t you want a job?”

“I want to feel more secure and a job doesn’t provide me with security?”

“Why do you want security?”

“To feel free”

“Why do you want to feel free?”

“Because it feels good”

The five fold Why helps get to the core. As humans we like to live on the surface of ourselves. It’s safer, we are less vulnerable to others that way. Which can be a great safety mechanism for self preservation. It doesn’t mean you stay on the surface with yourself. The five fold Why should help provide clarity to the biggest asset within your music career and business…yourself. So start asking why more.

Here are some prompts for a five fold Why you can adopt to understand why you do what you do…

“Why do you make music?”

“Why do you play live shows?”

“Why do you need more fans?”

“Why do you sing about those lyrical topics?”

“Why is it hard?”

“Why is it easy?”

Why…why…why… it’s one of the most powerful questions around, no wonder children ask it so often.

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