Focus on being helpful and the rest will take care of itself

This post is a reminder for my future self and any one else who needs it.

It’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed in a sea of strategies, to be crippled by self-doubt that you aren’t going to reach your goals of self-defined success or fulfil your ideas of fulfilment. Drowning in a bunch of ‘should’s.

The remedy is to remind yourself that it’s all to bring value to others in a helpful way. The strategies, the goals, the fear, the stress, the frantic impatience – let them go and focus on how you can help others. Re-evaluate the goals, the plans, the strategies and reframe them with the lens,

“How is this going to help me help others?”

Helping others doesn’t have to be complicated, elaborate or difficult either. It just has to be helpful. The rest will take care of itself.

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