The Difference Between Learning and Education

Learning is the acquisition of new knowledge or skills.


Education is the organisation of knowledge and skills. It is the formalised implementation of learning. Knowledge (in internet age especially) is so readily available to those willing to learn. Education is scarce because it requires the educator to understand how to organise knowledge and why it needs to be organised in the first place. In an age where the ability to learn almost anything is available to those with access to the internet,  education is becoming more and more important.

Sunday Brunch

Flipping a sample is kind of like a creating a Disney remake, or a Marvel movie. It’s built on something that was already great and made it just that little bit better.

Here’s something that was good to begin with, and is just that little bit better now. 

Best served with Sunday Brunch

The Obstacle is the Way


I challenged myself to write a song in a day, well in a single sitting…It took me an entire day. It’s named after one of my favourite books, a book that if I had to summarise it into a single sentence, I would say is about how, “you don’t grow in your comfort zone”. That’s why I challenged myself to write and release a song in a single sitting, it was beyond my comfort zone. The song isn’t my best work, but writing with the intention of immediate release and sending it off to the world without sitting with it and critiquing it for many hours, days, weeks on end – that was a hard but valuable process. An important process for any creative.

I hope this song can be inspiration or a soundtrack for anyone who realises that The Obstacle is the Way. 


I went to the supermarket after a workout yesterday to get a snack. That’s when it hit me like a tonne of bricks falling from a third storey construction site. Life is merely a series of decisions. It is the decision of which thoughts to dwell upon, the decision to experience reality in a certain way. The decision to think about decision-making.

It is the consistency of decision-making that forms habits. Discipline is merely the art of better decision-making. A memory is a decision to hold on to a certain element of the past. Satisfaction is a decision to be content, happiness the choice to be content with what you have. Suffering the is the decision to ignore the opportunity within a challenge. Naivety is the decision to look at life only through the lens of decision-making. I walked out of the supermarket with more than a better snack choice.